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WEaving Northern Spirits Artist Bios

Howie Echo Hawk


Howie Echo-Hawk (AKA theres more) (they/them/she/her) is a queer, trans-nonbinary comedian, musician, DJ, burlesque performer, writer, event producer, visual artist, and all around Native person. (Pawnee Nation, Kitkehaki Band. Adopted Upper Ahtna Athabaskan, Mentasta Lake Village.)


Howie wishes you would leave them alone, but you wont, so here we are. They are perhaps best known for their comedy, which has been called “at least standup adjacent” by the Juneau Empire, and “punishment comedy” by themself. They have been featured as one of the top 26 Native American comedians to watch by UPROXX, and have several fun articles written about their comedy, such as “Pawnee comic Howie Echo-Hawk wants to see you squirm,” and “Meet the Seattleite who does 'punishment comedy’.” 


Several of their poems and short stories have been published, including a trans erotica piece titled “Tuesday Adams Burns their village to the ground.” They have a podcast called “Every Native Episode” and produce events as the founder of Indigenize Productions. Most importantly, a video they made for one of their jazz fusion songs was accepted into a circus film festival.  They play music, dj and perform under the name “theres more”.

Timothy White Eagle


Hailing from Seattle, the enigmatic Timothy White Eagle brings his perspective as an undocumented mixed-race Indigenous American to the stage. While he may not be a registered member of any tribe due to the circumstances of his adoption, his work resonates deeply with his Mohave, Scottish, and Irish heritage. Timothy's performances are an exploration of Native American, Pagan, and earth-based spiritual practices, infused with his decades-long connection to Indigenous elders and ceremonies.

U-Phoria Glitter


Peter Griggs, also known as U-Phoria Glitter, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of performance activism. As the Executive Producer and Artistic Director of the Burning Monk Collective, he's spearheaded groundbreaking queer theatre productions that tackle sensitive LGBT issues. U-Phoria's work, including "Subrosa: Subliminal Joys…The Ego Outed!" and the GLAAD-nominated "Killer Queen," pushes boundaries and sparks conversations.


Goddexx001 - Goddexx.JPG

Goddexx (They/Goddexx) is a performance artist, writer, full spectrum life coach. They are the author of “Butterfly: Una Transformación,” a collection of poetry which provides a spiritual framework around the process of inner transformation through four phases of metamorphosis: release. renewal. retreat. rebirth. They were raised in New Jersey with mixed Peruvian and Cuban heritages.


They always had a deep connection to spirit, but also embraced their queerness and gender fluidity. There wasn’t space for them to express their holistic self due to the constraints of most organized faiths. Their experience of religious trauma has led them to a path of integration & celebration of the whole being. Through their work, they explore a variety of themes ranging from healing, self-love, sexuality, faith, intimacy, gender expression, trauma, reclamation.

Javier Stell-Fresquez


Javier Stell-Frésquez (she/he pronouns) serves Indigenous communities of the San Francisco Bay. Many years volunteering on the BAAITS Two-Spirits Powwow Committee have lead to her producing Weaving Spirits Festival of Two-Spirit Performance. She currently sits on the BAAITS board. She has life-long performance experience spread across myriad forms, including: Indigenous contemporary, vogue, flamenco, and performance art.

He has a BS in Environmental Studies with Honors in Chican@ Studies from Stanford University. Recent multimedia performance work includes Mother the Verb, and Chaac & Yum, a short art film currently showing in film festivals internationally (the culmination of a dance project by the same name.)

With a 32-year lifetime of dance and performance experience, and more than a decade of arts production work, Javier creates spaces of critical dialogue, and creative introspection. Guided by an ecological paradigm throughout her work, Javier weaves her artistic voice/practice together with her event production —work focused in Indigenous and LGBTQ2S+ cultural events.

A student of many decolonial artivists and thinkers, Javier’s work refuses colonial erasure by critically engaging social issues.



DuckHunt  (xe/xyr/he/they) (drag) is an agender trash duck. Like a rubber duck, that comes in any theme imaginable, there is no limit to what this trash duck may turn out. You can be sure that there will be some camp though. Xyr influences are harm reduction, Indigenous futurity, and making beauty out of trash. Xe are proud to be Chahta Okla and identify as hattak holba. Xe are also the current Mx. Gay Seattle.

Brush Arbor Gurlz with Landa lakes

Brush Arbor Gurls by Robbie Sweeney .png

The Brush Arbor Gurlz or BAGz are composed of Native American artists and drag queens representing several tribal nations including Chickasaw, Cherokee, Dine and Saqumish. The group’s name is based on brush arbors of Southeastern tribes used for social occasions. Led by Landa Lakes the Mother of the Arbor, The BAGz can be found performing around the US often introducing audiences to Native politics for the first time.

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