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L Frank Manriquez / Faun Harjo / Dr Jennifer Lisa Vest / Kanyon Sayer-Rood / P Dante Cuauhtemoc / Zephyer Elise / Amanda and Amelia Vigil / roger Kuhn / Chaac & Yum / Brush Arbor Gurlz / Javier Stell-Fresquez / Landa Lakes



Experience the virtual screenings of the first Two-Spirit performance festival in the heart of Yelamu (SF). 

We are...
Weaving the ways of the past into the loom of the present...
Embracing sexuality and our full selves in performance…
creating our own visibility

Weaving Spirits features local and national Native American artists whose offerings range from  traditional music to experimental performance and drag.  
Spring 2022 will bring the return of our live performances, workshops, and community circles.
With community support we are making this regular gathering!

Curated by an intergenerational team of Two-Spirit community leaders, with cultural protocols followed towards the Rahmaytush and other Ohlone peoples of the bay.
The Two-Spirits Powwow is just one powerful way Two-Spirits  are reclaiming our space in the circle with vital contemporary #indigequeer voices. 

ALL are welcome. 

“Two-Spirit” is a pan-tribal term—it is rooted in the Anishinaabe term describing such individuals: “niizh manidoowag.” This translates literally as “two spirits”- embodying both the complex feminine and the masculine in all of us.



Native American cultures through the eyes of Two-Spirit Artists. The theme of weaving ties many of our cultures together from the process of gathering, weaving and gifting. 


Yelamu (stolen Ramaytush Ohlone lands)

San Francisco, CA    

Fiscally sponsored by CounterPulse




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